Friday, November 13, 2009

Deviance: Gangs and Social Problems

Know: The geography of gang activity

Understand: The problems of studying gang activity

Be able to do: Analyze the bias involved with interpreting gangs

Step1 :

Go to the gang activity website.

Step 2:

Do you agree or disagree that gangs are national problem? Why is this deviant behavior so widespread?

What are the problems with this map? Explain

Step 3: View Homicide in Hollenbeck

Step 4: Respond in this blog:

What are the problems in studying gangs? Is there any bias when studying gangs? Who gets to define deviance? Refer to the film and the map.


Dijon said...

Dijon Brooks
i would say that they major problem with studying gangs would be the fact that is probably is very dangerous. while a person is studying gangs the chances that they can get killed goes up decoupage gang members probably don't want people to know what they are doing and who they are.
while people are studying gangs there is a bias. there is a bias while studying gangs because people may always assume that the people who join them are stupid. even though in most cases all the stereotypes are true and the members did make wrong decisions, if there were any good that came form gangs it would never be shown. you can tell that the people who made the film thought that gangs were extremely bad because they showed like six people get killed and they showed drugs and all the bad. i don't think there is many if any good that come from gangs but if there was this video would not have shown it.
all the deviant behavior that is in the video gets to be defined by the media, and society. no one wants to feel violated or threatened and if they are they would make it a deviant behavior.
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Marina said...

Marina Beach
There are many problems with studying gangs. One major problem is that many gangs hide. People are unable to determine where some of the gangs are and how many gangs are present in certain areas.
Gangs also commit violence towards other gangs that they are against in their society. Gangs form usually based on location or ethnicity. When violence is committed, there sometimes may be witnesses. An example of this is from the movie. A homeless man was on the street and saw the murder of a man by one of the local gangs. The homeless man knew too much information and was going to tell the police. The next day the homeless man was found dead. One of the major problems in studying gangs is that people are afraid to speak out against gangs. People are afraid because it is dangerous and you can end up hurt.
There is some bias when studying gangs. One bias is that people believe those who are in gangs chose to be there themselves. No one thinks about the reasons people are in gangs and they do not give them any sympathy or respect just because they are in a gang. Many people join gangs for a sense of family or protection. Many police officers also think that people are in a gang because of the way they look or their actions. An example from the movie was when a man was running on the street. He was in the location of where gangs stay in that neighborhood. He was also holding his waste as if he had a weapon. When the police searched him, they found no gun or weapon. One other thing to consider is; if he was innocent, why did he run?
Society defines deviance as being in a gang. Many gangs are violent and commit many deviant acts. An example is a mother that lived in a society where many gangs were present. Her son was in the army and was not in a gang. One day he was walking home and was shot twice. He died that night and his mother will never forget that moment. Murder is considered to be a deviant act in society’s eyes.

Anonymous said...

The main problems with studying gangs is the lack of volunteers that come forward and provide information. The police gather information by studying people, but also by asking questions, and if no one is willing to come forward and explain what is going on, then the police will have to assume what is going on, and that isn't the most effective way of determining the real story. They are afraid that if they get the gang in trouble, those that escaped will come for them.
That is another major issue. Gang members are very tight with each other, and those studying them will be ganged up on and attacked. Gangs do not want to be found or known about. They like to remain obscure.

The bias about gangs is that they are all rotten and never up to any good, when really, it is usually only the ones in command that push them towards confrontation and danger with the promise of a family that they may never have had. People are drawn to gangs for the thrill, and the family feeling; that you will never be left alone.

In the movie, deviance is defined by the media and the general public that see gangs as terrifying and evil.