Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sociology: Possible Final Exam Short Answer Questions

                                                              i.      Define sociology and describe how it helps people understand society     Eric's Work
Rashad's Work
                                                      ii.      Is Bill Cosby Right? Analyze the debate between Bill Cosby and Michael Eric Dyson about whether poor people are to blame for their class status
                                                          iii.      How does society work in America? What is the social structure of America? What is the importance, of race, class, gender, religion, etc in human behavior? Cite Marx, Durkheim, Weber, or other founders of sociologists to highlight one theoretical perspective. Dijon's Work
                                                          iv.      What are the effects of the “No Child Behind Act” on school institutions? How must communities respond to the changes? Cite Boston Public Schools data to make your case. Marina's Work
                                                            v.      Rates of violent crime in the United Statesare higher than they are in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Draw on as many of the theories discussed in this chapter as possible to explain why the United States is such a comparably violent society? Page 195 Christine's Work
                                                          vi.      What would a conflict theorist say about same-sex marriage? How would a functionalist view the issue surrounding this issue? (Online Discussion Board) Colleen's Work
                                                        vii.      Imagine that you have been asked to study the issue of homelessness in the largest city in your state. How might you draw on surveys, observation research, experiments, and existing sources to study this issue? (page 481)
                                                      viii.      Should women participate on the front lines of the military? How do values, norms, and beliefs shape our thinking on this issue?
                                                          ix.      What is culture? Why is culture important in understanding human behavior?

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